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  • When is the best time to wear Lavish body butter?
    You can wear our body butters at any time, however night use ensures that your skin reaps all the benefits, uninterrupted by friction daily movement and clothing cause. Because our body butters are made with all natural ingredients, they last longer when stored in a cool, dry place. Prolonged exposure to heat will reduce the shelf life and effectiveness.
  • Butters are natural, can anyone wear them?
    No. Although essential oils and butters are natural, they are still a natural product with medicinal properties and should be treated as such. They must be diluted accordingly for adults and children.
  • Can you use black soap on your face and body?
    Yes. African black soap is all natural and is even safe to use to wash your private areas as it is a natural soap without fragrance and chemicals. As with all products, sensitivity may vary so please test or talk to a physician before use.
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